IELTS Preparation Course

Center for International Education is pleased to announce the IELTS Preperation Course
The course provides  you with the skills necessary to achieve a high score on the IELTS test and succeed in university studies abroad.

* Applicants are required to take a placement test, write an essay and have an interview to determine their ability to understand and speak English;

* Practice and improve reading, listening, writing and speaking skills and review grammar;

* Learn and practice key test-taking strategies and techniques for the IELTS;

* Write and receive feedback on practice essays;

* Improve test performance under time limits;

* Course duration is: 8 weeks / 3 lessons each for 2 hours of instruction per week;

* Maximum class size: 6- 8 students

* Course fee: 450 Gel 

* Registration dates: 29 March - 12 April, 2017

* Course starting date:  20 April, 2017

For registration and detailed information please contact the

Center for International Education
10, Chovelidze street; 0108 Tbilisi
Tel.: 2252615


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