• Study in the Usa


    Why Study in the USA?

    Quality: Facilities, resources & faculty are considered the best in the world:
    accreditation systems and strong financial base ensure high
    standatrds .

    Funding: $42.9 billion spent on research in 2004, financing cost of graduate

    Choice:  1,100 universities offer graduate study to over 2 million graduate and
    professional students in different types of institutions, academic and
    social environments. 600,000 graduate degrees awarded in 2004.

    Flexibility:  Design your own program, work collaboratively with other
    departments and universities, gain practical experience in your field,
    attend conferences.

    People:  Dynamic, respected, and diverse, with high proportion of
    international students.

    Personal:  Leadership, independence, challenge, experience, networking,
    relationships, communication skills, collaboration, etc.


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